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Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Facts

What is cancer?

In the twenty first century, cancer is said to be the no. one killer which leads to the death of millions of patients every year around the globe. The disease is termed as fatal and the success rate is quite low as compared to the no. of people who are diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer is a fatal disease in which there is abnormal growth of cells or tissues in any part of the body leading to tumor in the body organ. Cancer is a very versatile disease and its spreading, type and other factors vary from one person to another. Usually cancer is caused by various factors ranging from: Read More...

Get a new bedroom for 2018

Make the place your place

So the new year has just begun, and it's the perfect time for some changes and a bit of improvement here and there! It's like they say, new year, new life. Making changes in your physical space, like your workplace or your home, makes you feel different and can be the starting point or even the symbol of a major change in your life. So don't underestimate the power of home improvement and redecorating! 

And of course, which place in the world is more important for you than your bedroom? It's the place that you can call your own, and where you rest and spend time. So why not start out the year 2018 with some changes in your bedroom? The way you sleep and rest will change, and with it, your whole life. So let's get started! Read More...

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