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Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Facts

What is cancer?

In the twenty first century, cancer is said to be the no. one killer which leads to the death of millions of patients every year around the globe. The disease is termed as fatal and the success rate is quite low as compared to the no. of people who are diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer is a fatal disease in which there is abnormal growth of cells or tissues in any part of the body leading to tumor in the body organ. Cancer is a very versatile disease and its spreading, type and other factors vary from one person to another. Usually cancer is caused by various factors ranging from:

Smoking or consumption of tobacco










Exposure to chemicals




Lack of exercise

Apart from this, there can be tons of other factors too which might lead to formation of cancerous cells. As we said that cancer can occur in any body organ so usually the parts where cancerous cell growth happens include:
















Apart from the above, there are many other types of cancers too. One of these which is becoming very common these days is Skin Cancer. Skin cancer occurs when there is abnormal growth of skin cells leading to formation of tumor tissue beneath the skin in any part or region of the body. The cause of skin cancer is unknown till date and usually the patient suffering from it will notice a lump in the skin followed by minor bleeding. If we go in to Skin Cancer Facts, you will be surprised to know that more than 1 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in America alone every year. Now, one can imagine the severity of the disease on the world wide scale.

Treatment for Skin Cancer

The only way of treating any type of cancer successfully is to diagnose it during the early stages. Cancer usually shows very little or no symptoms at all which is the prime reason that by the time the patient goes for the diagnosis, he is already on the last stage which is next to recoverable. Post diagnosis, the treatment is nothing less than a torture with chemotherapy and other available treatment options.

In case of skin cancer too, an early diagnosis will ensure that you will get timely treatment which will ensure your chances of curing from the disease successfully. Once you have been diagnosed positively for skin cancer, the following treatments can be undertaken as per the stage of the disease.



Surgery is one of the most recommended and popular treatment for skin cancer. The prime aim of conducting surgery is to remove the cells from the affected area. The patient is given local anesthesia and then goes under the knife to get rid of tumor cells and hence prevent tumor from spreading further.



Usually the doctors will go for radiotherapy if the cancer is spread widely and cannot be treated with surgery. It may also be used along with surgery as per the situations and circumstances. Another use of radiotherapy can be made if cancer cells have returned back even after the surgery.



In case of skin cancer, doctors will recommend use of chemotherapy creams in order to control cancer. In some situations, chemotherapy injections may also be used. It can be merely used for relieving symptoms for cancers which cannot be cured and have spread widely. 



Immunotherapy is aimed at increasing patient’s body’s immunity to fight cancer cells. For this, interferon is used which is highly effective in treating cancer cells which started from head, nose, neck etc.

If you show up any symptoms of skin cancer then we highly recommend to get diagnosed at the earliest in order to know if its cancer or some kind of skin infection. In case of cancer, you must start one of the skin cancer treatments as mentioned above as per the recommendation of the cancer specialist. The treatment which will be recommended to you will be according to the stage of cancer you are suffering from. It may also be according to the area in which cancer has spread.

An early diagnose is recommended in order to treat cancer and this goes as well in case of skin cancer. Do not delay treatment or tests and visit only a cancer specialist. The early you understand your situation and the stage in which you are the better. You can obtain treatment which can save your life resulting in you being cancer free so do not delay getting a diagnosis as soon as possible if you notice anything out of the ordinary.



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